Friday, January 30, 2009

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Tuesday night it snowed 2 inches and then there was frozen rain (notice the ice covering the tree branches) followed by about 6 inches of snow on top of that Wednesday. We started feeling bad for the birds, so I remembered a bird feeder I made when I was in school made out of a milk carton. We used the small cafeteria style cardboard ones then. I figured using a big milk jug would work just as well.

I had a wooden dowel laying around so we used that as a perch for them. You certainly don't need a perch, but you could also use a wooden spoon as one as well.

The kids desperately thought that we needed to decorate the feeder, so I let them loose with the Sharpie markers. We have had several visitors to the feeder already. I hope we made thier little birdie day.

Supplies needed:
Empty milk jug
Sharpie markers
bird seed
dowel or wooden spoon (optional)


beth Engelman said...

I write a column for my local paper. May I use this idea in the column I will credit you and your website of course!
Beth Engelman

Unknown said...

Cute birdfeeder! I think we'll try this idea this weekend. We made another birdfeeder out of a plastic bottle a few weeks ago that is also bringing the birds in: