Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Snowman Melted

My son did this activity at preschool and thought it was hilarious, so he wanted to do it again with his little sister. You get some wax paper and make a puddle of glue in the middle. Then you place googley eyes, yarn for a scarf, orange pipe cleaner for nose, sticks for arms, felt or construction paper for a hat, buttons etc in the puddle. Wait a few days for it to dry and peel off of the wax paper. You can fool your friends by tossing it places and pretending it is an actual melted snowman. Such a HOOT! Ours haven't dried yet, but you get the idea.

Supplies needed:
wax paper
orange pipe cleaner
construction paper
googley eyes


Doublebanker said...

That's a pretty neat art/craft idea. Starting to melt the snowmen around here too.

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

These are super cute! I used to do that in school, make pools of glue and play with them. Love how you turned it into snowman puddles!!

Paula said...

THank you for this idea! It is 75 degrees here in January and I'm trying to teach my kiddos about snow. This is a perfect craft! I will use mr linky to you blog. Thanks