Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bottle Snowmen

We made some snowmen today out of yogurt smoothie bottles. I covered them in batting and hot glued it on so that it would dry faster.

Next we made the hats. For that we used some black craft foam. We turned the bottles over and pressed the opening of the bottle on the foam to make an imprint (I'm too lazy to look for a pencil). From looking at the imprint, I eyeballed it and cut about 1/2 inch bigger than it all the way around. Then we cut out the outside of that circle. Try to leave that inside circle intact, you will need it. The black halo shape fit over the mouth of our bottle with the lid off. Then we took the lid and glued the circle that we cut out of the halo on top. Then we cut out a rectangle that would fit around the lid. We glued that rectangle and put the lid on....voila, a hat.

We used felt to tie on a scarf and a bunch of our other craft items for eyes, noses, buttons, neither child wanted to make a mouth. I glued the pipe cleaner arms on because I used my hot glue gun so that they would stick out.
Supplies needed:
brown pipe cleaners
hot glue gun and/or craft glue
black craft foam
felt or fleece for scarf
buttons, beads, sequins, pom poms, googley eyes--obviously not all of these are needed.

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Paula said...

We've used socks full of rice for this project too. Sits up nice and straight!