Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We finally got enough snow to make snowmen! The kids were so excited! They are right off of our deck and the kids can see them from inside the house. They keep checking on them to see that they are OK. They love to make snowmen because they got a snowman making kit last year and they LOVE it! I must admit that it is so much easier to grab the kit than look all over the house for things that can dress them up. They are going to have a very nice and satisfying nap this afternoon. ;)


Cindy said...

I love your blog!! You have one great idea after another. What a wonderful mom you are!!
I'm linking you to my blog so I can check back regularly.

And lucky you, you get snow. I'm in Floida My kids 10 and 7 have never seen real snow before.

Lucky Me! said...

We lived in Virginia Beach before moving to Ohio(My husband and I grew up here). This is the 2nd REAL winter my kids have seen. This is why they think this is such a huge event! I must say, I love it too. :)

Becky Sue said...

Very cute snowman!