Friday, January 16, 2009

Heart Crayons

I found this silicon heart mold in the Target dollar aisle! I was so excited when I found them! Using the same method I did before, here are some cute little heart crayons. My kiddos will love them! They would also be super cute in a clear bag attached to Valentine's Day cards for kids' classes.


Tracy said...

Did you put this in the oven? I bought one but it was really an ice cube tray so I was not sure if it would work. Thanks!

Lucky Me! said...

I did put them in the oven, but since they are silicon, you could also melt them in the microwave. I saw the ice cube trays there the other day at Target as well. I am not sure what they are made of. You could also put cupcake papers in a regular cupcake pan and melt the crayons and then pour the wax into the mold. Just an idea. :)