Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Made Valentine Gifts

Here a couple of Valentine's Day gifts ideas:

We did this one last year (pre-blog). We got some plain terra cotta pots and used some paint pens and felt heart stickers to decorate it. Then we put a cute little plant in it from the store. Notice there is no plant in it now. Ours didn't stand a chance. I am just not good with indoor plants. :)

This year we made these cute frames. Happy early Valentine's Day honey!

I put a close up of each child in their frame. Sooooo cute.
Here, we just bought an unfinished frame from Michael's and used acrylic paint. When the paint dried, they put some foam heart stickers on them. My son wanted something written on it, so we personalized it a little bit with a cute little message from each of them.

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