Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Microwave Chocolate Cake

We have made this several times and it always hits the spot. Tonight, we used butter though instead of oil because I ran out and it turned out fine. We found it at Her Cup Overfloweth.

1 Tall Coffee Mug
4 Tablespoons flour
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons baking cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil (I used melted butter today because we ran out of oil)
3 Tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
A splash of vanilla extract

After you mix all of the dry ingredients, you add the rest and stir completely. Get into those corners of the bottom of the mug or you will have pockets of flour when you get the cake out. Then microwave it for 3 minutes.

One mug of cake has at least 2 servings (or enough for two kiddos and their mommy). We covered ours in Chocolate frosting and some conversation hearts. Tasty!


Anonymous said...

Best projrct yet!

Becky Sue said...

OMG that's great! I hate you! j/K :)~~~

Lucky Me! said...

LOL! Now, obviously, I am not making this for someone's birthday, but is perfect when you really NEED some chocolate cake!

Michelle Sybert said...

Is there a time when choc cake is NOT needed? :)

Thanks for the mention and I am LOVING your blog! I feel sheepish that I hadn't "found" it yet.

Sooooo becoming a follower!

Jill said...

Found this via Google at 12:00 in the night desperate for chocolate so I tried this right away. Very tasty, but I wasn't sure if our twenty-five year old Microwave would stand the test, so I used "ye old toothpick done-ness measure" before digging in. I was surprised when it came out perfectly clean without any chocolate goop!~ I may have to try making a vanilla or lemon cake with the same idea. Next time, maybe. :-D You've created a monster, I'm afraid.

I suspect this is a trick those who have lived with microwaves for years and years already know, but it was a new idea to me. I'm used to working with stoves and ovens for the most part and rarely rely on that old machine.