Monday, January 5, 2009

Setting the Table...

The kids love to help set the table. In an effort to not have a pile of utensils and napkins on the table, I figured they should learn to do it properly. We now each have placemats that show where everything goes. I used a manilla file folder to cut out the pattern for the utensils, plates, cup, and napkin and could then just trace them and cut them out. We used foam sheets as the placemats and colored paper/scrapbook paper. I then used my label maker to identify what everything is in words (who knew a discussion about the why the word knife starts with kn- instead of n- could go on so long ;) ) Then we covered everything with contact paper. This way we can actually eat on them and they will be a snap to wipe up.

supplies needed:
foam sheets
colored paper/scrapbook paper
manilla folder to trace the things
contact paper

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Heather said...

I've been wanting to make one of these with my daughter so she can learn to set the table herself. I LOVE that you used patterned paper with each one.