Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heart Art

This project was so exciting for my daughter. She will be 3 in March and we spent almost an hour on this. My son wasn't as interested, but still had some fun.

I cut out a slew of hearts of different sizes and colors. My daughter and I sorted them into different piles by color.

Then I let them work on their art! My son put hearts on his page representing certain people in our family. He added faces or hearts representing something about that person. I added the cat in the middle because, like it or not, she is in our family too. My son and the cat don't get along very well together. :)

My daughter went to town! We had so much fun. We had our own little lesson and she did so well! We named colors, counted, and talked about bigger and smaller. I would tell her to do some things like, "Put this small blue heart on a bigger yellow one." We had a lot of fun and we did this for a long time. She loved it!!

Supplies needed:
construction paper or colored copy paper
poster board


fromourfamilytoyours said...

Oh I love the way you do your heart attack!! This is adorable. We do our heart attack a little differently. I like this too! Your blog is so cute.

Melissa said...

This is a great learning activity - it incorporates so many things: colors, size discrimination, math. Thanks for sharing!