Monday, February 23, 2009

Homemade Musical Instruments

We have started a band and are taking our show on the road. I bet if you listen closely, you could hear our instruments right now....even in other countries. It is a little loud, but so much fun. They are learning a lot as well.

We made a guitar out of a shoebox lid and several rubber bands of various sizes and thicknesses. We talked about the different sounds the rubber bands made and why they all sounded different.

We made a kazoo by taking a toilet paper roll and covering it with scrapbook paper. Then we punched a hole in the side (so the wax paper wouldn't be blown off when they talked into it). Then we covered one end with wax paper and fastened it on with a rubber band. We talked about the vibrations that are made with the sounds we make.

We made a drum/shaker by taking a container with a metal bottom and covering it with scrapbook paper and putting some dried beans inside. They can shake this or use pencils to drum on it.

We made our jingle bell instrument by putting beads and jingle bells on a pipe cleaner and connecting the ends together.


MaryAnne said...

I love your jingle bell instrument - not something I've seen before and a great idea!

Annette said...

My daughter made instruments yesterday in Sunday school. :) We're a bit noisy too.

Cristina said...

Love the idea. Thought you would enjpy seeing our musical creation:

Brenda said...

I really like the homemade musical instruments. I put a link to your blog from mine.