Thursday, December 11, 2008

We're going on an animal hunt!

Today, we put away the glue and scissors and decided to go on an animal scavenger hunt. I went to Google images and found 12 animal pictures and put them in a Word document and printed 3 copies of them on card stock. I gave each of my kids a copy of the pictures and cut out the 3rd copy and taped them up in 2 rooms in their own little hidding spots. My son was very excited about this activity and felt he needed to bring his binoculars with him on this hunt.

The kids then went around the house and when they found the pictures, they took the animals and taped it on their animal list. It was actually very sweet to watch as my 5 year old son helped my 2 year old daughter find the animals and put some on her list. We played this MANY times. They even hid them all from me and I had to find them. Fun was had by all.

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