Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years Eve craft--My noise makers make noise makers :)

We made noise makers out of empty water bottles. The first thing we did was cover the bottle with glue and then put white tissue paper squares all over it. Then we covered the tissue paper with a coating of glue and let it dry. We used a funnel to put the beans inside that we used to make our bean bags and glued the cap on the bottle. Then we used colored tissue paper to decorate it more and let that dry with yet another coat of glue on the top of it all. We used ribbon to tie around the top as streamers and tied a few jingle bells to them. :) I have told the kids that they won't be dry until Wednesday, just in time for their New Year's party. hee hee

Supplies needed:

empty water bottle
tissue paper
beans or rice
jingle bells

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Anonymous said...

This is perfect. I'll improvise a little and will use on Sunday after New Years Day with the children at church. We'll celebrate at noon with a countdown etc. Thanks for the idea.