Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sweet Dreams...

We love snow over at our house, so we decided to dream about it. We stenciled pillowcases today with fabric paint. I have never seen 2 children so excited to sleep before. They were so sad to hear that the paint needed 36 hours to dry. They were happy to hear that they wouldn't have snowman and mitten tatoos on their face from sleeping on them too early :)

I found these stencils at my favorite store...Michaels. I also stenciled their names underneath (you can see the first letter as the example). You could also use cookie cutters and trace them on cardstock and cut out the shape as well. It was pretty hilarious watching them paint though because I told them that they couldn't brush the paint on. I told them they had to go up and down with the brush so it stayed inside the stencil. So, as we were painting, just heard them saying, "up and down, up and down, up and down."

They turned out really well.

Supplies needed:
plain pillow case
fabric paint
stencils or cookie cutters
tape for stencils
cardboard (to put inside the pillowcase)

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