Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fun with Foam Stickers!!

We have been reading a different Christmas or winter themed book every night before bed for the month of December. All of these books have snow involved in some way. The kids have been talking about snow all the time and they can't wait until it finally happens. Today, we played with a couple of foam sticker sets. And they made snowman door hangers for their bedrooms and a winter scene on foam sheets. They had a ball with these. I can tell this because of the huge mess it made HAHA...

It was pretty funny to watch though because my 5 year old was telling a winter story as he was putting his winter scene together..."This penguin lives in the igloo and he must be in the Antarctic because that is where penguins live."

Hopefully this has satisfied their desire for snow at least for a little while...
Supplies needed:
Foam sheets
foam stickers

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