Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall is here!!!

We have had a busy morning!! The leaves have started to change and it was wonderful to go on a scavenger hunt for leaves and pine cones for our crafts this morning!!

We covered pine cones in peanut butter then sprinkled them with bird seed and hung them on our tree for the birds to eat.

Then we found some pretty leaves to do some crayon rubbings. We just put some leaves under our paper and used some crayons to rub on top of the paper to reveal the leaves underneath.

Finally, we arranged our leaves on some wax paper and ironed them so we could make a fall sun catcher to put on our patio door. Here I sanwiched some leaves in between 2 sheets of wax paper and put a hand towel under the wax paper and a hand towel on top of the wax paper and ironed at a medium setting.

We had so much fun! We love being able to run around outside and enjoy this cooler weather. Our house is really beginning to look like fall!

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The Squeaky Wheel said...

Wow. Busy indeed. If only that darn husband of yours didn't have to work today, then he could have had fun too!